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Window Surface Protection with EnduroShield

For outstanding results, we use one of the best window cleaning products available on the market today.

EnduroShield is a superior non-stick coating for window surfaces. One application provides long-lasting surface protection on windows by repelling water contaminants such as dirt, grime, and soap scum.

Our window cleaners are certified applicators and take great pride in using a product that delivers outstanding long-term results. Talk to one of our friendly staff today about how we can restore stained or tarnished surfaces prior to EnduroShield application.

window surace protection

Examples of window surface protection

  • Stainless Steel

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Featured case study

We were able to add value to one of our existing and historic clients by supplying and applying EnduroShield glass and stainless steel protection to their balcony balustrades.

This large residential property comprises of two external balcony areas with a combined total of 20 individual glass panels that have stainless steel metal railing, uprights and spigots. The benefit of adding EnduroShield to the balustrade panels is protection against the environment's degradation of the surface causing tea staining (rust spots) and hard water staining (water spots).

Prior to applying EnduroShield, the surface was fully cleaned and detailed. Any tea staining and hard water deposits were removed to bring it back to new condition and ensure that the protective coating would take to the surface. Not only does EnsuroShield protect the balustrade, but it also keeps it cleaner for longer. The client now has cleaner balustrades that last.

surface protection case study

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