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Townhouse Window Cleaning

Expert window cleaner for townhouses in Melbourne

With tight spaces and high windows, townhouse window cleaning is a challenge. But it's no match for the team at Bax.

We have all the experience, training, and equipment to make window cleaning for townhouses a breeze.

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  • We have all the height safety and window cleaning equipment we need for any job.

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We helped a client with their investment property in North Melbourne, a three storey townhouse. This involved arranging a suitable access time with the tenant to inspect the property and supply the client with a quote. Once accepted, we arranged a suitable time with the tenant to undertake the service.

This three storey townhouse had its challenges! One of which was the narrow light-well area with windows facing out from the three levels. It was heavily coated in dust and dirt that had built up since it was sheltered from wind and rain.

On the inside of the large glass wall of the light-well was a staircase with glass balustrades and highlight panels on the adjacent walls.

The narrow light-well windows were cleaned via water fed pole with pure water from our pre-filtered ute mounted tank. Stairwell windows and highlight windows were cleaned internally with an adjustable leg ladder to offset the steps.

Once complete the entire townhouse looked great with the windows, glass doors, light-well glass wall and glass balustrades now clean and clear.

townhouse outside
townhouse stairs

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